Environmental Services

  • •CSA Standard Environmental Site Assessments (Phase l and ll)
    •Excess Soil Management & QP Services- O.Reg. 406/19
    •Brownfield Solutions- O.Reg 153/04
    •Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments
    •In-situ and ex-situ Remediation Programs
    •Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
    •Environmental Planning and Compliance
    •Underground Storage Tank Removals
    •Environmental Spills and Remediation
    •Expert Witness and Peer Review
    •Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Geotechnical Services

  • •Foundation System Design and Recommendations
    •Advanced Site Investigation
              •Cone penetration testing (CPT)
              •Pressuremeter Testing (PMT)
    •Slope Stability Assessment
    •Underpinning & Shoring Consultation
    •Retaining Wall Certification
    •Engineered Fill & Site Grading
    •Shoring Evaluation and Monitoring
    •Mobile Crane and Drill Platform
              •Design and Inspection as per O.Reg. 345/15.
    •Foundation Recommendations
    •Finite Element Analysis
    •Soil & Rock Mechanics
    •Pavement Investigation, Design & Analysis
    •Settlement Analysis
    •Expert Testimony
    •Groundwater Control and Dewatering

Management Services

  • •Pre-Construction Assessments
    •Foundation and Subgrade Inspections
    •Shoring System and Tieback performance monitoring and testing
    •Excavation Monitoring

Hydrogeology Services

  • •Hydrogeological Investigations and Assessments for development approvals, water supply and groundwater contaminant fate and migration
    •Short term (construction) and long term (permanent) groundwater dewatering systems.
    •Water Balance Analysis and Reporting (Pre & Post Development)
    •Foundation Drainage Studies (existing structures)
    •MECP Permit to Take Water (PTTW) Applications and Environmental Activity and Sector Registrations (EASR).
    •Groundwater Discharge Agreements
    •In-situ testing- well response, t-time, infiltration and aquifer performance testing
    •Groundwater Monitoring Programs
    •Groundwater Control and Dewatering


Materials Testing and Inspection

•Compaction Testing & Control
•Soil Compaction Testing & Engineered Fill Placement
•Asphalt Compaction Testing
•Concrete, Mortar & Grout
•Casting of cylinders and cubes
•Slump, Air and Temperature Monitoring
•Raft Slab Monitoring using Thermal couples
•Footing & Subgrade Inspections
•Deep Foundation Inspections (Caisson, Helical Pier & Micro Pile)
•Building Envelope Inspections
•Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) Inspections
•Structural Steel Inspections
•Mix Design Reviews (Concrete & Asphalt)

Lab and Field Services

•Soil & Aggregate Testing
•Concrete Testing
•Masonry Testing
•Asphalt Testing
•Ceramic Tile and Terrazzo
•Natural Building Stone
•Refractory materials
•Building Sciences and Investigations
•CCIL Concrete Type Q, R, and S, With Many Additional Advanced Concrete Tests
•CCIL Type A Asphalt Mix Design Laboratory – Marshall
•CCIL Type B (Quality Control) Asphalt Mix Compliance Testing Laboratory – Marshall
•CCIL Type C (Quality Control) Aggregate Testing Laboratory
•Member of CCIL


Concrete Testing


•Concrete mix design & review
•Trial mix preparation & testing
•Concrete quality control / assurance
•Precast concrete quality control, expediting
•Field coring of concrete for investigative studies
•Field testing of floor surface hardeners / shakes
•Laboratory testing of concrete cores for: absorption, chloride ion, air void system
•Laboratory testing of beams for flexural strength
•Laboratory testing of concrete cores / cylinders for split tensile strength
•Laboratory and field testing of bond strength of concrete or coatings
•Petrographic examination of cores for: carbonation, alkali- silica reaction, fire damage, structural distress
•Laboratory testing of concrete aggregates
•Laboratory testing of Portland cements and cementitious replacements
•Laboratory testing / quality assurance of concrete admixtures and air entraining agents
•Laboratory testing / quality assurance of curing compounds
•Laboratory testing for RCP (rapid chloride permeability)
•Laboratory testing for linear shrinkage of cast concrete prisms
•Performance of half-cell testing in the field for corrosion activity
•Performance of non-destructive field tests: ultrasonic evaluation, Schmidt hammer tests,   covermeter detection of reinforcing steel
•Laboratory and field testing of dowels/threaded rod embedded into concrete using chemical adhesives
•Laboratory and field testing of mechanical concrete anchors
•Anchor testing by application of proof load
•Laboratory testing of paving stone for absorption, freeze-thaw, strength, shrinkage, efflorescence
•Measurement of RH (relative humidity) and MVER (moisture vapour emission rate) for concrete slab
•QA review of tunnel liner manufacturing



•Masonry mix design & review
•Trial mix preparation & testing
•Masonry quality control / assurance
•Field testing of masonry anchorage systems
•Laboratory testing of masonry aggregates for physical requirements
•Laboratory testing of masonry cements and cementitious additives
•Laboratory analysis of existing historical mortars for original constituents
•Laboratory testing of mortar for silica and lead content
•Laboratory testing of concrete masonry units for: absorption, density, strength, shrinkage, efflorescence, initial rate of absorption
•Laboratory testing of burned clay masonry units for: absorption, freeze-thaw, strength, shrinkage, efflorescence
•Laboratory testing of masonry prisms
•Laboratory testing of masonry anchors
•Laboratory and field testing for water penetration through masonry or masonry coatings.


Natural Building Stone 

•Field inspection of installation, quality control / assurance
•Field testing of anchorage systems
•Laboratory examination of mineralogy
•Laboratory testing of stone for physical properties: absorption, density, compressive strength, modulus of rupture, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, freeze-thaw resistance, coefficient of thermal expansion
•Laboratory testing for strength degradation due to chemical exposure (acid rain)
•Laboratory testing for strength degradation due to thermal cycling
•Laboratory testing of anchors / anchorage system
•Laboratory and field testing of stone preservatives / coatings.


Refractory Materials

•Testing thickness and density of SFRM (Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials)
•Testing railings/guards for compliance with Ontario Building Code lateral load requirements
•Field inspection of installation, quality control / assurance
•Expediting of goods and services
•Condition surveys of existing buildings
•Pre-purchase inspection / expediting
•Investigations and failure analysis
•Expert witness: Canada and USA.

Asphalt – Field and Lab

•Asphalt mix design & review
•Trial mix preparation & testing
•Compaction control
•Asphalt quality control / assurance
•Field coring of pavement for investigative studies
•Laboratory testing of Asphaltic Concrete for Marshall properties, extraction and gradation
•Laboratory testing of bond strength between asphalt lifts and between concrete to asphalt layers
•Laboratory testing of asphalt aggregates
•Laboratory testing of asphalt cements