Environmental Services

  • •CSA Standard Environmental Site Assessments (Phase l and ll)
    •Excess Soil Management & QP Services- O.Reg. 406/19
    •Brownfield Solutions- O.Reg 153/04
    •Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments
    •In-situ and ex-situ Remediation Programs
    •Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
    •Environmental Planning and Compliance
    •Underground Storage Tank Removals
    •Environmental Spills and Remediation
    •Expert Witness and Peer Review
    •Groundwater Monitoring Programs


Geotechnical Services

  • •Foundation System Design and Recommendations
    •Advanced Site Investigation
              •Cone penetration testing (CPT)
              •Pressuremeter Testing (PMT)
    •Slope Stability Assessment
    •Underpinning & Shoring Consultation
    •Retaining Wall Certification
    •Engineered Fill & Site Grading
    •Shoring Evaluation and Monitoring
    •Mobile Crane and Drill Platform
              •Design and Inspection as per O.Reg. 345/15.
    •Foundation Recommendations
    •Finite Element Analysis
    •Soil & Rock Mechanics
    •Pavement Investigation, Design & Analysis
    •Settlement Analysis
    •Expert Testimony
    •Groundwater Control and Dewatering


Management Services

  • •Pre-Construction Assessments
    •Foundation and Subgrade Inspections
    •Shoring System and Tieback performance monitoring and testing
    •Excavation Monitoring

Hydrogeology Services


  • •Hydrogeological Investigations and Assessments for development approvals, water supply and groundwater contaminant fate and migration
    •Short term (construction) and long term (permanent) groundwater dewatering systems.
    •Water Balance Analysis and Reporting (Pre & Post Development)
    •Foundation Drainage Studies (existing structures)
    •MECP Permit to Take Water (PTTW) Applications and Environmental Activity and Sector Registrations (EASR).
    •Groundwater Discharge Agreements
    •In-situ testing- well response, t-time, infiltration and aquifer performance testing
    •Groundwater Monitoring Programs
    •Groundwater Control and Dewatering


Materials Testing and Inspection


•Compaction Testing & Control
•Soil Compaction Testing & Engineered Fill Placement
•Asphalt Compaction Testing
•Concrete, Mortar & Grout
•Casting of cylinders and cubes
•Slump, Air and Temperature Monitoring
•Raft Slab Monitoring using Thermal couples
•Footing & Subgrade Inspections
•Deep Foundation Inspections (Caisson, Helical Pier & Micro Pile)
•Building Envelope Inspections
•Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) Inspections
•Structural Steel Inspections
•Mix Design Reviews (Concrete & Asphalt)

Lab and Field Services


•Soil & Aggregate Testing
•Concrete Testing
•Masonry Testing
•Asphalt Testing
•Ceramic Tile and Terrazzo
•Natural Building Stone
•Refractory materials
•Building Sciences and Investigations
•CCIL Concrete Type Q, R, and S, With Many Additional Advanced Concrete Tests
•CCIL Type A Asphalt Mix Design Laboratory – Marshall
•CCIL Type B (Quality Control) Asphalt Mix Compliance Testing Laboratory – Marshall
•CCIL Type C (Quality Control) Aggregate Testing Laboratory
•Member of CCIL